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Bird Recognition App using Microsoft Custom Vision AI and Power BI

Saumya Soni - 15 Dec, 2020

Imagine a world without birds: the ecosystem would fall apart, bug populations would skyrocket, erosion would be...

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The Journey of building a Bird Recognition App using Custom Vision AI, Power BI and Power Apps

Saumya Soni - 18 Dec, 2020

In my first blog, 'Bird Recognition App using Microsoft Custom Vision AI and Power BI', we looked at the intriguing behaviors and attributes of birds using Power BI....

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Carbon Neutral Initiative: a Step towards a Zero-Emission School – Earth Day blog

Saumya Soni - 22 April, 2021

Earth Day is all about appreciating our planet which has nurtured us with abundant resources, and paying back the care and health. Today on this special day, let me....

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Innovation in Nanotechnology for Water Purification - Earth Day Blog

Saumya Soni - 22 April, 2021

It is no secret that climate change and population growth both are controversial and increasing problems today as we see these affecting global water, land, and air pollution and much more.....

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